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3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Please read ALL of the following carefully before calling or emailing us.

How to Claim
Warranty claims will only be handled through the appropriate channel which is email. If you do not supply all of the requested information, your claim may be rejected. For all claims, please email us at or

Sex Machines
3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Covers unexpected failure/defect of all parts/components that may not be attributed to fair wear & tear. The claimant must be the original owner/purchaser produce a receipt to prove the date of purchase. The parts/components must be free from any modification. Back to base warranty, i.e., the customer is fully responsible for returning the machine at their own cost. In most cases this will not be necessary & we will send you a replacement part(s) to rectify any issue. You will be responsible for shipment costs and the parts will be supplied free of charge.

If your unit falls outside the warranty period, we will still carry out repairs on the Product with the necessary spare parts charges, but free service fee.

Your machine is supplied with the tools you need to keep it maintained & in tip top condition. If something comes loose, this is not normally considered a warranty issue, you are expected to use the supplied tools to keep your machine in good working order. Make sure you check nuts & bolts at regular intervals to ensure nothing is working loose. Add liquid lubricating oil to the slide rail every 2-3 months or when the rail is dry to ensure smooth lubrication of machine.


  • You will be expected to provide photos or videos evidence of your machine / issue including close up shots of any failed component(s).
  • We will review your issue.
  • Then we will provide solutions.

Warranty Return Address
This will be supplied once we have reviewed your claim. In most cases this will not be necessary & we will send you a replacement part(s) to rectify any issue.

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3-year manufacturer’s warranty