Testing Genie Sex Machine | I Love This Fucking Machine

Hey guys. Today we are doing guess what, guess what I mean, if you read the title, it’s not really a mystery. A sex toy machine unboxing. Like I truly think I sit here the entire video just slack jawed looking at it like it is one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen.

Roussan Genie Sex Machine for Sale

Today I’m working with Roussan and I am going to be showing you their Genie sex machine because it’s magical. Like a little robot. It gives you all that pleasure. And it is a premium machine, but the price is mid level. They do have a ton of other options on their website (adultrepdao.com) that will fit your budget.

My guy. I unbox this upstairs, taking off all the packaging, like removing all of the plastic and I still put it together within three minutes. It’s not a hard process. And I have two different attachments for this machine with me. But there are a ton of other options available. Right now it comes with one silicone dildo. So if you get that, just make sure that you store it separately and know that they are upgrading over the coming months. And if you want to check out their website, they have a ton of different attachment options. So I’m on their website right now. I’m looking at attachments and the amount of options that they have. Like there are double dildos, realistic cocks and fantasy dildos. And I know some of you guys are into this, so there are also monster dildos. Enough of my speaking words. Let’s get into the actual machine. This is the one attachment right here. It is a silicone dildo attachment. And these are so easy to remove. It also comes with a suction and a vacuum attachment which you can use your favorites, such as mounted & suction cup toys and Doc Johnson dildos.

Silicone Black Dildo

And then let’s talk putting this machine together. So this is all one piece. All you have to do to put it together is attach these solid metal legs, which are super, super easy. You just have to unlock this and then pull it up. So you can angle this in a ton of different ways, however high or low you want it. And then once your leg is in nice, lock it again and you’re good to go as far as controlling this, it does have a remote, and you do have to plug this in. So when you get it, this is separated into two different pieces. You just plug it in here, you plug it into the wall, and then you plug this part back here. It is truly idiot proof. It is so easy. I put this whole thing together, like I said, while unboxing it in three minutes. It is not hard. So you do have a little book that comes with this. And like I said, a remote. And the remote came without a battery pre-installed, please purchase yourself. It can go very slow if you want a teasing sort of thing. Also, listen to how quiet this is. And turn it up. It. Yeah. This machine has the kind of power that is going to not stop like some thrusting dildos do when it’s inside of you. It is going to push through in a really satisfying way. It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t kind of hit a barrier and then just weakly pull back like it’s going to go. So this circle button at the top has the different thrusting modes. There are eight of them to choose from. And then can increase or reduce the speed. On their website, you also have all of the other attachments. They go from length, they show you that they have different essential accessories, dildos and masturbator attachments if you want that.

So now that we’ve done all of the fun explanations, let’s just go through and see this one on here. Let’s just keep seeing how fast it can go. It is shaking the table. You’re going to want to use this on the floor. This is crazy when you’re not using it. They do have caps, so you can cover different portions up. You can cover these things up. You can cover this part up. You can pretty much do whatever you want. You can take the legs off. So this one is way easier to store because it is so easy to put together. So you can store this pretty much the size of this portion. Slide it under a bed, put it in a grocery bag, put it in a duffel bag. They do have carrying bag. It comes in a bag as well. You can keep that. Just put it back in there.

Storage Bag

Listen, I know we’re sitting here thinking, who is this machine good for? And I’m going to tell you, if you do any sort of online streaming or spicy accountant work, this is going to be a money maker for you. If you’re somebody who is in a relationship where you like to be teased, edged or punished, this could be a really fun toy addition to your sex life. And if you’re somebody who just wants to get fucked by a machine because it’s cool as hell, then this is going to be a good addition to your personal sex life as well. But it isn’t for everybody. But those of you who know it’s for you. You saw this and you’re like, hell yeah. And like I said, they have a ton of different sex machine options. I think this is a good entry level machine if you’re looking to get into sex machines because it is easy to assemble and store, and it already comes with different attachments. So you’re kind of starting your collection out strong here. I would also make sure that you are using this with the remote and starting on a low setting because you just want to ease yourself into this, especially if this is your first time and take a moment while you’re using it to find the position that works right for you. I would probably say doggy style is a good position to start with something like this. And then you can work on leveraging, maybe utilize a pillow or a sex pillow to get missionary position or different things like that. Kind of down packed. But that is it, you guys.

And that is it for my once again, slack jawed in awe. Oh my God. I love this fucking machine. These are the most fun.

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