Tawney Seren & Tony Review Black Dragon Sex Machine

My bag of things. Hello, everyone. This is Tony and uh we’re going to show you the sex machine from AdultRepDao.com. Right now, we have it set up for suction cup. Um I kind of showed you all in the set up video how to do it um for the attachments that they have, which kind of look like that at the bottom of it.

So there is a screw in part so you can see how to do that there it is now set up appropriately. We had it on the wrong way before. So I’m gonna kind of show you what it looks like here and how can you show how it goes up and down? So this toy is really awesome because on the back you can adjust what angle you want it to thrust at. So, uh yeah, as you can see, it’s even just able to be tilted the hands.

So we’ve got the two clamps here. It’s kind of hard to see. You can just pop them out here and the whole thing slides up and the whole thing slides up and off. You see there’s that clamp here and it literally just tightens this down when it goes on there. So you slide it on there, how you’d like, I just put it backwards but, and you just pop that back on and if it’s too loose or too tight, there’s on the actual clamp itself, you can loosen it by just spinning it counterclockwise or spin it clockwise to tighten the whole thing.

Make sure when you’re tightening it not to squeeze it too hard because if you squeeze it too hard, it can break the entire clamping system. So you wanna avoid that. Um you have, oh yeah, the inch for thrust adjustment you also have right here, another clamp to take off the entire clamp unit. And then if you reverse this, you can mount this so that it’s at a vertical stance. So if you wanted to, like I said, you know, squat over it or something like that, you can, you can have it thrust upwards.

It’s just an awesome, awesome part of that. And then I will show you also the other side of it. Oh, before we put on the suction cup action. So this toy was really, really awesome. I was able to use it in a lot of live shows um with the babes and quite frankly, the versatility for it being able to have the different angles and uh kind of adjusting it to fit perfectly.

It was wonderful and it goes really, really fast. It’s a little bit of work kind of getting the adjustments right as you can see on this, um, it just takes a moment to figure out where all of the clamps need to be at. Oh, once you got it down. All right. So now show you on the other side.

So what we’ve got over here are inches and that’s gonna be the thrusting inches that you want here. So if you want it to thrust two inches, then you just loosen this up here and you move it back and forth to where you’d like it to go. So that’s kind of a fun addition. This was an amazing toy again, like I mentioned, not only is it fully adjustable, you’re able to put your suction cup toy do do do at the bottom. And um really, I mean, this, this is a fully adjustable, really amazing, easy to break down uh sort of toy.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and uh we will definitely be using it again. But before we stop Kyle, if you want to do the honors, we are going hope to plug it in first. Do do do. It’s amazing.

Definitely check it out. We got a link down below for you to try it yourself. Let us know what you think. Thank you so much for coming along on this review who have an amazing, amazing Father’s Day weekend!

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