Shipping F.A.Q.

Why has DHL tracking status been “Shipment information received” for days?

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During Christmas, black Friday shopping season, or just after a long Chinese holiday (Chinese New Year, for example), DHL, as well as other couriers such as FedEx IE, can experience overload in their warehouse in China and Hong Kong. What we mean by “shopping season”?

“Shipment information received” means the shipping label is created and the package is in queue in courier’s warehouse waiting to be processed (or “picked up”). During this period, tracking number may be changed a few times. A new tracking number means getting another “boarding pass” for the next flight – this is the process of DHL, which we cannot control.

DHL customer service may reply with “sender’s sent shipping information to us, but we haven’t received the package”. Is it true? YES and NO. Is it misleading? YES. Unless you’re otherwise noticed, we ship the package within 24 hours after payment. After going through our shipping agent, the package will arrive at DHL facility within 3 to 4 days after payment. The reason for such reply is that the package is in queue in DHL warehouse, waiting to be “received” (processed, or “picked up”). You may want to ask if they’re experiencing overload in Hong Kong or China facility.

Once the tracking becomes “Shipment picked up”, it will take only 3 to 4 days to be delivered in most instances.

Estimated delivery time

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