Magic Wand Holder for Fucking Machine

Magic Wand Holder with 22″ Gooseneck - $35

Note: sex machine magic wand holder is not practically useful. Due to other vendors still sell it, we have B07 on our shelf to stay competitive. But we don't recommend you to purchase it in all honesty.

Want a spare hand to hold your magic wand massager? With 22" steel-core gooseneck, this 'third hand' attachment provides unlimited positioning of your vibrating toy. Soft rubber is attached to inner side of both clamps to prevent slipping. B07 clamps on any plate and column, which makes it the most helpful 'hand' for fucking machine sex.

Fuck Machine Magic Wand Holder Accessory

Magic Wand Holder on FM08 fuck machine

Sex Machine Accessory Sale - Wand Holder

Wand Holder Accessory on FM12 sex machine

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Magic Wand Holder on FM18 fucking machine

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