This product by Dao is, and will remain, the gold standard of this burgeoning industry.

Ending the 25 year run of my second marriage, and unable to endure one day longer, I began to believe that there MUST be a better way. Like many others, my exploration of “adult toys” began. After wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars, I came to understand that devices effectively used to facilitate masturbation, were potentially useful and important to creating and maintaining a healthy sex life. As men, we all know that our ever present sexual energy has to go somewhere, has to be dealt with some way. Whether he admits it or not, central and most important to his very being, is a man’s sex life. More than any other time, that overriding reality is reflected in the popular culture in the number of “Jack Off” jokes delivered by innumerable stand up comics and in countless movies. Given their potential, these appliances are far more important than their label as “toys” implies. Critical to happy and healthy lives, the importance of sex is also reflected in the fact that every Cable TV and Satellite Service in the country now broadcasts X-Rated programming directly to every household in America. Without a doubt, the constant desire and need for sex is no longer a secret.

Why then are there so few serious, effective, durable inventions supporting masturbation? Partly I suspect, it’s because the industry continues to use the term “Adult Toys” to characterize its products. Consequently, contemporary contrivances are almost exclusively made of plastic or other inferior materials. Thus, the failure to take this area of merchandising seriously, has resulted in the creation of concoctions which lack imagination, are poorly built, and entirely fail to meet their singular objective. The end result is the creation of a gadget with a short lifespan and failed raison d’etre.

Relieving me of my rant is the product I here review. That product is from the line of “Fuck Machines” produced by Dao Huan Sex Machines & There is nothing unthoughtful, insubstantial, or inferior in the machines manufactured by this company.

Mechanical aids to masturbation for men essentially fall into two categories; twirling or rotating primarily hand held apparatus, and “piston” or thrusting contraptions. For me the most effective for the intended purpose is the piston device which I believe best simulates the natural motion engaged in intercourse. While hand held piston machines have been created (Notably the Rends A10 and Auto Blow 2), they are notoriously under powered and lack durability. The problems regarding free standing machines similar to those made by the Dao company, have been there very high cost and cumbersome size.

The Dao machine, apart from a few plastic knobs, is made entirely of metal and it’s design reflects a high professional level of engineering and materials selection, and surpasses anything available today in the piston class of inventions. In setting it up, its stability and unmistakable strength of build are immediately apparent. The base of the machine is constructed of heavy solid metal legs, the weight of which combat torquing of the machine as its speeds are increased. Most noticeable however, is how incredibly quiet and smooth the machine is, even with its speed cranked to the top. During my use of it though, I found I came nowhere near needing or wanting to reach that top benchmark. Quite probably, driving this machine at its possible top level of 300 strokes per minute would reduce the user to jelly. And there is nothing equivocal about the term “stroke” as applied to this apparatus. It exerts considerable force and unlike other piston strokers being sold, will not freeze or jam up upon encountering significant resistance. That’s not to say the machine is unsafe, but clearly common sense should be employed when adjusting the length and speed of the stroke to your individual liking. And liking you will be. Indeed, correct adjustment will result in your eyeballs rolling back in your head. That to me is the correct test for a device such as this.

And quick adjustments, given the nature of the machines task, are key to its success. The Dao company clearly understood this for its modern, up to date fully adjustable clamp and lever systems enable quick and easy adjustment and control of the device, even in the heat of battle. Priced at a minimal $299.00 this product by Dao is, and will remain, the gold standard of this burgeoning industry.

My endless thanks to Dao for its design and realization of this machine.

Pleased in California,

R.C. – PayPal FM18 buyer (contacts are available upon request)

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