How to Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

What to Do on Valentine’s Day for Singles

Yes, we are looking at wonderful ways on how to practice self-love on Valentine’s Day. However, that doesn’t mean that when we pass the 14th, that you can’t do any of these things. The beauty of self-care is that you can do it any time you want.

So, read on for some simple ideas on how to pamper yourself in wonderful ways.


Healthy vs. Unhealthy Foods: Building a Balanced Diet

Healthy and unhealthy foods – everyone wants to be healthy, but eating healthy can feel like a challenge, and it’s hard to wade through all of the conflicting information on what we should eat for a balanced, healthy diet.

Try spending the day doing a cleanse or eating super-healthy food – if you usually are one to neglect what you eat. Or, on the flipside, go crazy and buy all the junk food you crave. There is no right or wrong. As they say, “One day doesn’t ruin the rest of the week.”


The 30-day sex challenge really help you reconnect

This could be anything from reaching out to an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, or revisiting a hobby you haven’t had time for in a long while. Carve out an hour or so to embrace something happy from your past and bring it back into the present.

With many fad challenges created with the intention to “fix” a relationship, it’s no surprise if you feel cynical that this won’t work for you and your partner, and maybe it won’t. But if the main reason you feel like you need to fix your relationship is that you feel an intimate disconnect from your partner, there is every chance this could be the solution.


You and Your Partner Have a Disconnect

As much as technology has given us wonderful things, and social media has some pretty fun stuff, it’s not healthy to be connected 24/7. Take the next 24 hours to disconnect (or at least reduce) your exposure to whatever apps your brain and body need a break from.

Hint: If you feel like you can’t live without checking something for a few hours, it’s probably a good idea to take a step back from a possible addiction. There are healthier ways to get those blasts of feel-good chemicals.


The Best Sexual Techniques for Women’s Arousal and Pleasure

This doesn’t have to be with the end goal of an orgasm. It can as simple as having some time alone with yourself to rediscover what makes your body shiver. If this sounds like something you would like to try, just remember to not rush it. And, if you want to experience new or different sensations, you can try a sex toy machine (or a different kind of sex toy from what you’re used to).



Kindness is Powerful

These are Random Acts of Kindness. Doing something nice for another person always has the wonderful side effect of making the giver feel awesome too!

But, and this is a topic of heavy debate, don’t film it to post on your social media channels! If doing a nice deed to get likes and views is the goal, then it’s not really a selfless act. Just do something kind for a fellow human being for the sake of it.


Highly mindful can make you more successful

There are so many ways to be mindful – and not just in the traditional “meditation” way. You can cook a nice meal and take it slow. Pay attention to what you’re doing and when it comes time to eat it … really savor each bite. Or, take a walk somewhere nice and pay attention to your surroundings. Not only will you have the chance to see some fun/neat/amazing things, but you’ll get yourself out of your own head – which is a wonderful stress reducer.


You would be surprised how hard this might be for some people, but make a list of all the wonderful things about yourself – inside and out. We tend to be too hard on ourselves (especially with the influence of impossible media standards). Let this list be as detailed as you are comfortable with, but don’t let it be tiny either.


The Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

Pull out all the stops! Light candles, have flower petals, and play your favorite music. But don’t stop there. Go the extra mile to take care of your poor feet (they do so much for you). Put on a face mask or nice creams. Whatever you have around the house (or want to buy) should be set up ahead of time, so all you need to do is jump into your evening of pampering.


What to Wear in The Summer If You Aren’t A Pretty Dress Person

It could be something sexy or something super comfy. It doesn’t matter! Use the day to wear your favorite clothing. Hell, wear your favorite Halloween costume if you want. Why not! As we get older, we take ourselves far too seriously.


Don’t wait for another person to buy those flowers and chocolates (if that’s what you want). It’s 100% okay to go out and buy the Valentine’s Day gifts that you crave – especially if you have someone who isn’t that great at buying gifts.

Any other ideas on how to practice self-love on February 14th? Share in the comments! 👇👇👇

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