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*We no longer ship dildos / masturbators due to courier's restrictions. We recommend you to purchase B02, B03/B04, B10 for using other companies' dildos.
*Due to nature of this product, costly international shipping, and customs tax, we do NOT accept return. Once the payment is made, there'll be NO cancelation. Please think carefully before placing your order.
*How shipment works (estimated timeframe)
*One-year limited warranty: Warranty is only valid under normal use of machine. All external damages are out of warranty, but a repair can be still implemented at your own cost. In 99% of cases, issues can be resolved with replacement parts if proof of issue is provided.

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    United States, Canada$97 (DHL)
    Australia, New Zealand$92 (EMS, DHL)
    United Arab Emirates (UAE)$85 (ARAMEX)
    United Kingdom, France, Netherlands$105 (EMS)
    Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland$100 (DHL)
    Japan$65 (EMS, DHL)
    South Korea$55 (EMS)
    Singapore$40 (Special route)
    Thailand$65 (FedEx IE)

    Estimated delivery time is about 1.5 week from payment to delivery. Tracking Number is expected in 2 to 3 day after purchase.

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    4. We no longer sell dildo / masturbator. Please make sure that you purchase B02, B03/B04, B10 for using other companies' dildos.