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PayPal Invoice Request for FM12 - $299

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*Currency is in US dollars.

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    - plus shipping (fixed) - only DHL, EMS allow dildo & masturbator !
  • CountryShipping costs & couriers
    United States, Canada$82 (DHL)
    Australia, New Zealand$72 (DHL)
    United Kingdom (UK), France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary$78 (DHL)
    Japan$58 (EMS)
    South Korea$50 (EMS)
    Singapore$45 (DHL) / $52 (EMS)
    United Arab Emirates (UAE)$78 (ARAMEX)

    Estimated delivery time is about 7-14 days from payment to product arrival. Tracking Number will be provided about 3-5th day after purchase.

  • Important

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    4. Our machines don't come with dildo / masturbator attachments by default. Please make sure that you purchase either our attachments, or add-on accessories (B02 - B06) for using other companies' attachments.