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All our sex machines are equipped with real 120-watt motor (FM07 sex machine w/ 200-watt motor), very powerful & quiet, but at a reasonable price. Check genuine & honest reviews.

Free lifetime tech support and 3 Year manufacturer’s warranty. With a full warranty, we guarantee to repair or replace a faulty product during the warranty period. Covers unexpected failure/defect of all parts/components, can contact us to get help by service email.

The Wired Control can only control sex machine speed by the speed dial. In addition to the wired speed dial, also the Dual Control adds the wireless remote control with 18 inbuilt thrust modes, easier control during play or to give the reigns to a partner during sex.

It’s impossible, they’re two independent versions.

No problem! The max weight huge dildo we’ve ever handled is approx. 1.6 kg, and the longest dong we’ve used is a 13.4″ very girthy monster. At full speed, you can put something heavy to prevent machine sliding around. We don’t recommend that you use oversized or overweight monster toy on the machine to play with. It will cause the machine to lose balance, also reduce the life of the motor.

Amazing 300N.cm / 350N.cm / 400N.cm, very powerful, ensure the machine penetration power, continuous duty, never stop.

Yes, easy to adjust. Check sex machines comparison.

Yes, from slow to fast, up to 320 strokes per minute.

Any liquid Wheel Bearing lubricant is ok, not paste lubricant. All machines adopt self-lubricating bearing design. It is still recommended to add lubricating oil to the slide rail every 2-3 months or when the rail is dry to ensure smooth lubrication of machine.

US/UK/EU/AU standard. The type of machine’s power wire provided is based on buyer’s country.

The power cord consists of 2 parts. From the wall plug to the power converter is around 1.48m. The cord from the power converter to the machine is probably 1.25m. So overall 2.73m.

Unnecessary, the “world-wide voltage” 100 – 240V can handle AC voltage outlets from all over the world, works anywhere.

Our machines have a nice weight, so can stand stably on a carpeted surface and won’t slide. When machines run at high speed will rock quite a bit and start to walk back. You can put something heavy behind it, extra stability for extreme usage.

As default, we offer one free flesh dildo A01 for immediate machine use. You can buy extra adapters and dildo attachments from us according to your needs. Highly recommend essential accessories, great extension for your purchased fucking machine, make sure you try out the full functions of the machine. All attachments fit for Lustti, Roussan and Lovense sex machines.

Yes, all machines come with thrusting bar to attach the dildo and other attachments.

Yes, you can purchase here. If the replacement part isn’t on our shelf, please contact with us to get by service email info@adultrepdao.com or adultrepdao@gmail.com.

Yes, you can purchase extra Vac-U-lock adapters (B04, B06). Allow you to use Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock dildos or similar vacuum toys on the fucking machine. Absolutely essential accessory for your machine.

Yes, you can purchase our suction cup adapter to use your favorite dildos.

Yes, it will be packed with brown box. Without external logos, plain wrapping inside and outside the box. No indication of purpose of product at all. Shipper information relates in no way to us. You can shop with confidence. So, the only person getting excited by your delivery is you!

We ship orders daily. We work with various shipping partners. DHL and DPD are the most common shipping partners. Are you not at home at the time of delivery? Then another attempt will be made. If delivery is unsuccessful, the parcel will be taken to the nearest collection point. You should then collect the parcel within 7 days. If that fails, the parcel will be returned to us. The cost of resending the parcel will then be at your own risk.

We don’t sell model with Bluetooth, due to its instability.

All prices quoted include VAT.

Currency in USD as default. If you hope to pay in CAD/AUD/EUR/GBP etc., you can click the “Currency Switcher” to get your currency. Please contact us if it doesn’t work: info@adultrepdao.com or adultrepdao@gmail.com.

At first it’s because we’ve never really settled for a brand name, and the machines are referred to as Dao Huan Sex Machines. Lustti is a rebrand that we’re aiming at streamlining the branding, so that’ll probably help with us finally making a name for ourselves as we definitely deserve it!

Of course, it’s safe. A company can’t make fun of its reputation. The official website is a representative of a company. Encryption ensures increased transaction security. SSL technology protects data linked to personal and payment info. If it’s not safe, we can’t be in this industry for over 10 years. Beware of knock-off shops on the Internet. Check if adultrepdao.com is a scam website or a legit website. Scan adultrepdao.com via www.scamvoid.net.

You can chat with our customer service online, and also contact with us to get help by service email info@adultrepdao.com or adultrepdao@gmail.com.

If you have a complaint about our products or service, please contact us via the contact form. You will receive a substantive response from us within 3 days. If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can submit your complaint to the Home Shopping Disputes Committee.

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