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Fuck Machine Dildo / Masturbator Spring – B09

B09 spring accessory makes dildo more adaptive to your wiggling while fucked to orgasm. Your sex machine becomes more flexible with a spring adapter, you don’t need to maintain a posture for a long time, you can find a comfortable position without adjusting the machine, it works well for doggy-style on a chair or on the floor. The additional length is helpful as well. Suitable to squirting orgasm enthusiast, BDSM bondage, twerking cam show with fucking machine fetish.

High Quality Spring Accessory B09 for Sex Machine

Super bounce back power to give sex machine realistic flexibility with every thrust.

B09 with Anti-rotation Quick Connector

Anti-rotation Quick connector, connection is very sturdy.

B09 with Additional 3.5 Inches Extensible Length

It also has the added bonus of adding 3.5 inches of reach to your sex machine.

B09 Attached between Sex Machine and Dildo Attachment

Hold a heavy dildo attachment in place, gives you a nice ‘safety zone’ against too-deep penetration.

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