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“Im so excited, I just bought a sex machine!”

“I have wanted one for so long, I ended up buying it last night in the heat of the moment.

Once I was done, I felt a little bit of guilt however I’m really excited again today.

I am getting the FM18 from With a couple of attachments. B02 suction cup adaptor A08 dildo A30 dildo

I’m pretty competent at anal/prostate orgasms and hope this helps me explore them further. I can’t wait!

Any others with experience, any attachments that are a “must”?

I hope my boyfriend likes it too!”

“I have one of these! I only got the suction attachment, since I didn’t want questionable quality dildo attachments from china and I didn’t have any vac-u-lock dildos.

The biggest challenge I’ve had so far is positioning, especially with suction dildos. The stroke needs to be pretty straight, or you torque the dildo and pull it off its suction (not really the machine or suction attachment’s problems, that’s a standard suction dildo problem). The attachment dildos or vac-u-lock dildos might have less of that problem, but I wanted to use my silicone dildos. Also, one minor thing, the motor has an arm going in a circle. If you have the unit at the lowest position on the arms and there’s a surface right below it(floor, bed, etc), it will rub/hit against it. Of course, moving it up slightly resolves it as does having only the legs resting on something, but worth noting. I’ve had good sessions with the machine, but I haven’t yet found the “perfect” position, and I do have some initial fumbling each session getting myself and it into the right position so the dildo doesn’t pop off due to angle or twist.

Still, no regrets. It’s awesome for what I paid for it. I still have more to explore and try with it, I’ve just had less time to do so in the past few months.”

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