Best Sex Machine Essential Accessories You Should Consider!

Why do you need extra accessories for your fucking machine?

Lustti sex machines are amazing, but you will want to fit as many of your favorite quality sex toys to it when you get one.

With fucking machines, the more variety of accessories that you can fit onto the end of machine thrust rod then the more play options you have. It is as simple as that, why wouldn’t you want to increase the number of toys you can use or even use your favorite dildos or vibrators?

Our essential accessories are great extensions for your purchased fucking machine, allow you to use a variety of sex toys to keep things fresh. Fitting your favorite sex toy to the fuck machine can allow you to enjoy it in a whole new way, and that is great. They are a great way to improve the performance and capability of your sex-machine.

One of the great things about sex machines is that they are relentless. So being able to lay back and enjoy your favorite toys for extended play sessions is one of the things you love about using them.

Anyway, if you buy a nice fucking machine from us, why wouldn’t you want to use your favorite toys with it?

All of the accessories use the Anti-rotation Quick Connecting System which is a proprietary system used on Lustti machines.

The quick connector features hollow design that goes into a quick air style quick-release mechanism with radial locking balls.

The beauty of this mechanism is that unlike standard Quick Air systems, it prevents any rotation within the coupling. This keeps dildo attachments in the orientation that you decided upon when you attached them, so no more dildos that turn as you use them.

It also means you can swap out accessories in seconds with ease.

Extension Rod

This extension rod make the thrusting arm longer or add more flexibility to the end, vital that the rod arm will fit the Lustti Sex Machines.

13 inches extensible length, so you will get a enough length to enjoy the Machine Fuck no matter when you are in bed, sofa or on a table.

Definitely makes your sex machine easier to use and offers more flexibility. I wouldn’t say that this is required to use our machines comfortably, but it does certainly make it easier.

Personally, the extension rod could put unnecessary bend-stress on the machine/motor.

Suction Cup

It’s simply an accessory that has a super smooth & flat surface that allows for a suction cup dildo to stick to it. Works great and hold suction cup dildos with easy, just make sure your toy has a strong & sucky base – especially if you’re going to use the machine on “high”, otherwise it will just pop off.

So far, the suction on this adapter has worked flawlessly. I haven’t had a single instance where the dildo I was using with it came off in the middle of use.

You are not tied down to one particular size dildo which suction cup diameter within 3.5 inches. Only issue it can handle large dildos but if u have real large toy then the suction cup is as large as this adapter, so u can’t get it on. Needs to be about half inch bigger in diameter then would fit any dildo on the market.

You don’t need to buy additional dildo to enjoy the sex machine pleasure. You can use your own quality toys, then start an unbelievable machine sex journey.


Vac-U-Lock adapter is one of the best sex machine accessories. It allows you to fit Vac-U-Lock compatible toys to the end of your fucking machine thrust rod.

The Vac-U-Lock system was developed by Doc Johnson. It consists of a textured plug that goes into a hole in the base of a dildo– don’t forget your Vac-U-Lock powder, being held in place with friction and the vacuum caused when air is displaced from within the hole – it also makes the toy firmer and less “floppy”.

There is a massive variety of Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos available, so it allows you to use lots of fabulous designs.

You can also get double Vac-U-Lock adaptor that allow the fitting of two dildos for some kinky double vaginal or double penetration fun, adjustable gap for your pelvic. Your imagination, I am sure will enable you to think of the possibilities of using that one.

Double ‘Quick Connect’ Dildo Holder

This adapter allows for two dildos to be used at the same time, with adjustable distance between 2 dildo holders, fits your pelvic floor dimensions. One for the vagina and one for the bum. Same warning about the edges. But only fit our dildo attachments with quick connector.

Flexible Spring Adapter

This is another fantastic little adapter, I really like this accessory, it is so simple. It can be fitted between your sex machine and whatever is thrusting away inside you.

It makes the thrust rod flexible, it also cushions it to an extent. It is perfect for the squirmers out there who can’t stay still when getting pounded.

It also makes lining up dildos with your holes an absolute doddle, you can enjoy different penetrating pleasure without adjusting the machine. You don’t need to maintain a posture for a long time, move slightly in use and find a nice position to get fucked by a machine much more comfortable. If you want to feel free, why not try it!

It also has the additional bonus of adding 3.5 inches of reach to your fucking machine.

Personally, this spring adapter has super bounce back power, doesn’t fit to use huge dildo and male masturbation cup, avoid pinching the skin and please do not keep you too close to the accessory when change it.

Universal Sex Toy Clamp

This is a very versatile adapter that allows you to fit pretty much anything else to your purchased sex machine from us. Think rabbit vibes, g-spot vibes or any other insertable sex toys without a vac-u-lock hole or a suction cup base.

I really enjoyed fitting a rabbit vibe to my fucking machine. I had lots of fun being fucked by one of my favorite rabbit, vibes. As it was thrust in and out of me, the sensation of the rabbit ears making contact and stimulating my clitoris was mind-blowing. A huge tease as it fucked me.

This is a well thought out and easy to use adjustable clamp, can hold any toy between 0.6 to 1.6 inches in diameter. It is made out of stainless steel and high strength ABS. The jaw faces have a non-slip material on them to aid grip. You unwind the clamp to make it accept your favorite sex toy before clamping it in place.

Male Masturbator Hose Clamp

Best and must sex machine accessory for male.

The adapter allows you to strap any masturbator sleeve or fleshlight style toy to the end of fucking machine.

It is made from high quality stainless steel. You unwind the screw by a screwdriver to make it accept your sex toy before clamping it in position. Better than Bandage and Fleshlight Shower Mount.

You then lock it to the end of your purchased fuck machine thrust rod to enable the masturbator to stroke your penis when you insert it and switch the machine on.

This is an excellent adaptor if you enjoy fleshlight style toys and being able to enjoy the stroking action hands-free is a bonus of course. Please visit Fleshlight website for more collections.

Final Thoughts

These are great little accessories that has had a lot of thought put into it. They are pretty much perfect for increasing your play possibilities with Lustti fuck machines.

We created this post after analyzing our sales of accessories over a number of years, please add them to your machine order.

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