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Cheap Sex Machine

“I remember reading a long time ago (1-2 years ago) about a cheap fucking sex machine made by a Chinese company that was actually cheap (between $100-$200) and it was actually quiet (based on the videos on their website). I know it sounded too good to be true. Does anyone remember what that was from or if it was real?

Is it also possible to attach a VixSkin Mustang Silicone dildo to a sex machine? (I have no clue which dildo attachments to machines are safe and even if they are they may not be as good as the VixSkin Mustang). Thanks”

Anyone here have experience buying fucking machine dildos?

“I am about to buy this fucking machine and just learned they don’t sell the dildos anymore even though they list them. Is there anything I could use to make the attachment on the machine fit toys like these ? Otherwise I can only find like $50 dildos that work”

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Best Attachments for FM18 Sex Machine

“Any must have attachments for:
I want to buy it with my main order. I’d like to attach the Njoy Pure Wand, what should I buy to attach it?”

“Hello sissies, i’ve been lurking sissy stuff for quite some time… This is my first post ever 😉 I recently bought a fucking machine, was always wondering how would it feel like “not to have to move my hand” 😉

I wanna ask you, what would be the best position to reach the holy grail of all sissies 😉

inb4 :

Fucking Machines for Sale

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