“Got a Sex Machine – gushing”

“A new medication has skyrocketed my libido to a point where it’s been seriously impacting life, so I decided to dig into my savings and get a fuck machine.

(I got the model F18 from AdultRepDao for anyone curious.)

Holy shit, not gunna lie I just had the time of my life. Worth every fucking penny, literally.

I haven’t quite managed to figure out how to orgasm from it (I’ve always struggled and there was a lot going on) but it felt amazing.

When I was getting tired and thinking of going to sleep I thought I’d set it to rub on my butt a bit, and surprise! It ended up going in. I didn’t expect that, as the dildo was much bigger than anything else I’ve used, but damn it was great! Why did no one tell me anal was so awesome?

Anyway, honestly just wanted to gush. I’m hella excited and so thankful my body is finally calming down– glad I got a handle on it bc I need to be on these meds for life lol!”

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