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164cm Sex Dolls
Unveiling 164cm realistic body ratio sex doll experience!
Black Magic

A versatile way to enjoy sex on your terms!

Black Dragon

A very sexy addition to your bedroom or dungeon!

Wearable Sex Machine

Lie back or stand up hit play on the wireless remote!

Sex Machine Stool

The most comfortable stimulating ride you will ever have!

Best Categories

All products meet the best quality standards!

Vibrating Saddle Sex Machine for Sale

The Powerful Saddle You Need

Bring home your very own wild, bucking cowgirl or cowboy to ride with the Bucking Saddle! This thrusting, vibrating, sex machine is built especially for those who love a deep, hard fuck!

Sit Down, Strap In and Get Pounded

Everything you want in one wicked chair! This Ultimate Obedience Chair comes with one compatible sex machine (or two) so you can strap your submissive in and watch them get pounded or use it yourself for fully automated service!

Ultimate Obedience Sex Machine Chair Sale
Best-Selling Sex Machine for Sale

Bestseller Fuck Machine FM18

This is by far one of the Best-selling Sex Machines. It’s powerful and packs consistent speed and plenty of pushing power. A variety of positions & angles allowed thanks to its highly adjustable T-frames legs and hit your hot spots precisely. Double-sided thrusting design seriously increases your play options as solo, a couple or group of friends. Check out all of FM18 details / Tawney Seren Review Video 👇👇👇.

Best Alternative Pick for FM18

The Mini FM18 has all the same excellent across-the-board performance as FM18, except for shorter stroke depth, smaller dimensions and lighter weight, but at a budget price. It offers a variety of ways, putting the machine in a vertical or horizontal position. The closed waterproof design gives you a safer & hassle-free squirting orgasm. Check out all of Mini FM18 details.

Affordable Sex Machine for Sale
Full Angle Sex Machine for Sale

Highly Flexible Sex Machine FM19

It’s one of the most flexible standard fucking machines. Easily assemble this sex machine, adjusting the height along the stand, as well as the angle of thrusting up to 360 degrees, vertically and horizontally. Its double-sided thrusting design so couples across genders can get some Robo-pounding action AT THE SAME TIME. On your own or with a partner, it administers a punishing pummel in any position, at your chosen speed. Check out all of FM19 details.

Couples Get Pummeled by Two Dongs at Once

This extra powerful fucking machine FM07 uses a high-powered transmission-based servo-motor rather than a “standard” traditional crank-link motor like our other machines have, delivers single or double penetration, it’s perfect for automated double dipping. This heavy-duty DP dildo machine with dual-ended thrusting design and has 4 thrust rods that offer intense dual pleasure for two people at once but can also be used as a single penetration machine as well. Also allows you adjust stroke speed and depth rather than having to stop the machine to manually adjust.

Dual Penetration Sex Machine Sale

Portable Sex Machines for Sale

These fuck machines are a great way to begin your Swinger’s Party or sex machine journey, powerful & quiet, compact without installation, or discreet they can easily be stored away and carried.


Essential Accessories for Sale

Great extensions for your sex machine, make sure you try out the full functions of our sex machines.


Fuck Machine Dildo Attachments

A great range of “Quick Connect” toys together with our sex machines for your orgasmic bliss. All of our dildos from the world’s finest 100% body safe liquid silicone or soft PVC material.

Realistic Vagina Sleeve

Must have for male blowjob machine – Two Colors

Top Sex Machine Supplier

Since 2013, we’re one of the best China’s sex machine suppliers, we focus on premium high standard sex machines and various accessories. Our main market covers United States, Canada, Australia, European and Asian countries etc.

Before us, Chinese fucking machine market was full of junk with hilarious name, such as “COOL PISTON”, “HAPPINESS MACHINE GUN” etc. They are cheap, but loud, weak, and often stuck when inserted, they are not for the sexually experienced. Save Your Money and get an actual machine.

Being the first, we introduce made-in-China premium sex machine to the world. As the price tag might imply, very high quality. You no longer have to put up with junk just because they are cheap. With the same affordability from us, you get industrial grade machine for consumer use.

A bigger investment but if you buy cheap, you will buy twice – ours will probably last you a good ten years or more. Shipping to North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Asia, Oceania etc. Fast delivery and without any troubles, our customer service is very friendly and very involved as well as solution oriented. See more


Flexible height & Quiet fuck

FM18 is suitable to most sexual positions due to its height & thrusting angle adjustability. Vertical setup makes stand-up masturbation and BDSM bondage possible. Ultra-sturdy sliding system lets you attach massive dildos. FM18 offers 3 to 15 cm stroke depth and it’s incredibly quiet compared to other cheap sex machines. Buy sex machine


Machine fuck in all angles

Unprecedented three-dimensional, 360° penetration. Quick and easy vertical height adjustment. Dual, opposite-side fucking and dick jerking. Caring design such as the rod bearings makes it all operate more smooth and quiet. 120W & 300Ncm torque motor is strong and can handle toys of all sizes from small to monster. Buy fucking machine


Block bearings for big dildos

FM12 is a black fucking machine with strong grip on its shaft. The “pillow block bearings” allows you to attach gigantic monster dildo without inhibition, plus they provide 55° angle adjustability (unlike other homemade sex machines). With powerful motor and machine parts, FM12 satisfies every bit of your masturbation needs. Buy fucking machine sale


Dildo machine in shining armor

FM08 has all the same components as does FM12, except for its shiny appearance. The mirror-like surface is credited to our nano technology, which makes FM08 as popular as FM12. The same strong penetration power applies. Are you ready to have multiple orgasms with this knight in shining armor? Buy dildo machine


Toolbox fucking machine for sale

FM05 is one of the most lightweight sex machines we’ve ever built. High portability means you can masturbate wherever you like it. Whether you’re a gay male who wants anal penetration, or horny female who craves vaginal orgasms, this automatic dildo box is your quick fix. Buy fucking machine toolbox

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