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Since the end of 2013, Dao Huan is top sale of China’s premium sex machine. Before Dao Huan, Chinese fucking machine market was full of junk with hilarious name, such as “COOL PISTON”, “HAPPINESS MACHINE GUN” etc. They are loud, weak, and often stuck when inserted.

Being the first, Dao Huan introduces made-in-China premium sex machine to the world. You no longer have to put up with junk just because they are cheap. With the same affordability from Dao Huan, you get industrial grade machine for consumer use.

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Amber, president of

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Dao Huan is a PayPal verified seller. How to buy fucking machines with PayPal invoice? With PayPal invoice, transaction takes place 100% in PayPal. Dao Huan does NOT collect or process any financial info.

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DHL is the fastest courier in the industry. If there's no unexpected event, it can take as fast as one week from purchase to delivery. Dildos and masturbators may be shipped through different channel, due to their obvious 'sex toy' nature.

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Plain wrapping inside and outside the box. No indication of purpose of machine at all. Unless dildos are purchased and shipped within it, people can't figure it out even if box is opened. How dildo is packed? Item description to your customs is Linear motion machine. You can explain it as a product durability testing device (think of IKEA?).

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Below graph is a rough estimate for DHL (the fastest shipping company). Other couriers' timeframe can vary significantly. Please take into consideration that customs may interrupt shipment unexpectedly on very rare occasions.

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Flexible height & Quiet fuck

FM18 is suitable to most sexual positions due to its height & thrusting angle adjustability. Vertical setup makes stand-up masturbation and BDSM bondage possible. Ultra sturdy sliding system lets you attach massive dildos. FM18 offers 3 to 15 cm stroke depth and it's incredibly quiet compared to other cheap sex machines. Buy sex machine ►

Block bearings for big dildos

FM12 is a black fucking machine with strong grip on its shaft. The “pillow block bearings” allows you to attach gigantic monster dildo without inhibition, plus they provide 55° angle adjustability (unlike other homemade sex machines). With powerful motor and machine parts, FM12 satisfies every bit of your masturbation needs. Buy fucking machine sale ►

Dildo machine in shining armor

FM08 has all the same components as does FM12, except for its shiny appearance. The mirror-like surface is credited to our nano technology, which makes FM08 as popular as FM12. The same strong penetration power applies. Are you ready to have multiple orgasms with this knight in shining armor? Buy dildo machine ►

Toolbox fucking machine for sale

FM05 is the most lightweight sex machine we’ve ever built. High portability means you can masturbate wherever you like it. Whether you’re a gay male who wants anal penetration, or horny female who craves vaginal orgasms, this automatic dildo box is your quick fix. Buy fucking machine toolbox ►

Machine sex in all angles

Unprecedented three-dimensional, 360° penetration. Quick & easy vertical height adjustment. Dual, opposite-side fucking and dick jerking. Extremely durable sliding system. High torque & silent motor. All these make FM17 the king of all fucking machines. Purchase fuck machine ►